How does The Rotten Fruit Box work?

(Our name may be "Rotten". Our fruit, is anything but)


1.  Choose your box - Choose our Seasonal Box, with a curated mix of in-season fruits, the Very Berry Box, or Customize Your Own box.  Our Seasonal and Very Berry boxes are available as a one time purchase or as a subscription.  Most customers opt to subscribe to unlock savings of up to 27%

Our Custom Box is available by subscription only, and you can change the fruit selection every month.  How awesome is that?  

By subscribing you don't risk running out of delicious fruit snacks, and unlike fresh fruit, ours doesn't rot. (Change your mind? Or have too many snacks? Don´t worry, you can change, skip deliveries, or cancel your subscription anytime.)


2.  Choose the number of snacks - Choose the number of freeze-dried fruit snacks you would like in every box. You can choose to receive 4, 8, or 12 snacks. The more fruit snacks per box, the more you save! Have too many fruit snacks at home?  Don´t worry, you can skip a delivery (or skip as many as you need).


    3.  If you subscribe (very wise choice) - Decide how many boxes you would like to prepay.  You can opt for a monthly recurring subscription, and pay as you go, or prepay for 6 or 12 months.

    The longer you prepay, the higher the savings!  Most customers opt to prepay for 6 months, but you can go crazy, unlock incredible savings, and prepay for a whole year.  Should you find yourself with too many fruit snacks, you can always skip a few deliveries.


    4.  Enjoy your healthy freeze-dried fruit snacks - Did we mention you can skip deliveries if you find yourself with too many snacks? Change your fruit selection, or cancel your subscription at any time?