FAQ Page

We have been asked many questions since we embarked on this mission.  To make things easier, we have a list of the most frequently asked questions, in the order in which they have been asked. 

Is the fruit I’m receiving rotten? No! Our name is “rotten,” but our fruit is anything but. Our farmers pick our fruit straight off the tree once it is ready for consumption. It is then freeze dried while it’s still ripe, before being packaged and sent to our customers. We call ourselves “The Rotten Fruit Box,” because without our business model, the fruit you’re enjoying would have otherwise gone unused and rotted away on the ground. We also think that the name "Rotten" helps bring attention to the serious issue of food waste.

How much does each snack pouch weight?  The amount of freeze dried fruit in each pouch varies by fruit and is about 1 to 1.4 oz (28 to 40 grams). While this may not sound like a lot, freeze drying removed all the water, so it's the equivalent to about 7 to 15 oz (198 to 425 grams) of fresh fruit. That's a lot of fruit for one small pouch!

How do I cancel my subscription? We created a short video to show you how it's done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zBSmFoqoD0 However, and before you go, reach out to our founder at tony @ TheRottenFruitBox.com and let him know if there is anything he can do to make you stay

Do you ship to my country? If you’ve got an address, we can get our fruit snacks into your hands. We ship our boxes worldwide!

How much do you charge for shipping? Free shipping is included in the price of every box, every time, regardless of where you live.

Can I choose my shipping dates? We will ship out your first box a few days after the order is placed.  After that, you are free to play around with the shipping schedule. You can skip deliveries, or change the date of your next delivery.  You can also move the delivery date up or down, it's really up to you.

Can I send a box as a gift? Yes! We can’t imagine a better gift to unwrap than our wholesome, long-lasting fruit snacks.  Check out our Gift Boxes

    What fruits are included in each box? Can I choose which fruits I want in my box? If you want to, YES! We have a Custom Box that lets you pick and choose, and change, the fruit you receive every month. We also have our original Seasonal Box with a special selection of our best in season fruit.

    How long is the shelf life of Rotten Fruit Box snacks? The shelf life varies depending on each fruit, and we clearly label the expiration date on each snack pack. Our snacks are guaranteed to last for at least 10 to 18 months, but in reality could last much longer — that is, if you can keep them on your shelf and out of hungry mouths for that long!

    I have a food allergy or intolerance. Can I request a certain fruit not be added into my box? Yes. Once you add your order to your cart, you will be taken to the checkout page, which contains a comment box where you can enter information about your food allergies or intolerances. We will be sure to keep any fruits you can’t consume out of all of your shipments.

    I want to change the amount of snacks I receive in each box or the frequency at which I’m receiving them. To edit your subscription, login to your customer account and update your preferences.

    I didn’t eat all of my snacks this time around. Can I skip a delivery without canceling my entire subscription? Absolutely! Just edit your subscription from your customer account.

    Where can I learn more about where your fruit is sourced? Our fruit is sourced from a variety of small, local farms located around the Iberian Peninsula in Spain and Portugal.

    I have another question that wasn’t answered here. Feel free to contact us by clicking Message Us on this page.