Freeze-Dried Four Seasons Soup - All Natural
Freeze-Dried Four Seasons Soup - All Natural

Freeze-Dried Four Seasons Soup - All Natural

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Unlike canned soups, our freeze-dried soups are made with fresh vegetables and other natural ingredients.  Our freeze-dried ready to eat soups are coloring, preservatives, and flavor-enhancers free.  Our freeze-dried Four Seasons soup is a delicious homemade-style soup.

Made with all-natural ingredients you can pronounce and recognize such as potato, carrot, pumpkin, and chickpea.

Each pouch contains one serving.

Cooking instructions:

  • Ready to eat
  • Just add hot water - Gradually add about 1 1/2 cups (350 grams) of hot water for the perfect consistency.  You can also add cold water and heat in the oven, microwave, or by the campfire
  • Wait a few minutes for the soup to re-hydrate

Our freeze-dried courgette soup is perfect for:

  • Camping and hiking
  • Survival food
  • Take to work
  • Anytime you want a delicious healthy soup

Ingredients: potato, carrot, chickpea, pumpkin, green beans, wheat semolina dough, extra virgin olive oil, turnip, onion, salt, garlic, and mint

Size: 31 grams / 1.1 oz

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