Freeze Dried Cucumber Snack Pouch
Freeze Dried Cucumber Snack Pouch

Freeze Dried Cucumber Snack Pouch

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Again, fruit or vegetable, the debate rages on! But one thing is for sure, cucumbers make a great snack! They are very low in calories and high in many important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  

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  • Each freeze dried cucumber snack comes in a resealable pouch
  • Each pouch contains just 100% freeze dried cucumebr slices. We wouldn't add anything else to our freeze dried snacks! 
  • Our cucumbers are sourced from small local farmers.  Hand-picked, and grown using pesticide-free sustainable agriculture. Read more about the story behind our fruit.
  • Each pouch contains approximately 0.8 oz (25 grams) of freeze-dried cucumber, the equivalent to about 7.4 oz (210 grams) of fresh cucumber. For nutritional information see the second product image.
  • No sugar or anything else added!
  • Take our fruit snack pouches to school, work, eat them at the office, or at the gym. They make the perfect fruit snack for the home too.  You can take them anywhere!  
  • Unlike fresh fruit, our fruit never rots, and keeps all its nutrients and vitamins for months or even years!
  • Buy 1 single pack or as many as you want. Get only the fruits you want!

You are guaranteed the best selection of fresh and healthy freeze-dried fruits.