Special Edition Valentines Menu Box

Trail Mix or Chocolate Covered Fruit
Choose your spice
Coffee or Organic Green Tea?
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Say hello to our Special Edition Valentine's Day Box in a unique "menu" format.

For a starter, choose a pouch of Trail Mix or chocolate-covered fruit.

For the main course, two pouches of risotto (four meals total).

Add a little flavor or spice to your meal with your choice of Dona Maria Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive oil, Fleur de Sel, or Piri-Piri hot spice.

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without strawberries, and your box also comes with three pouches of our delicious freeze-dried strawberries.

Chocolate is another Valentine's Day favorite, and you get three freeze-dried fruit-covered chocolate bars.  Our chocolate is organic, vegan, and Fair Trade Certified.

Lastly, to finish off your meal, your choice of coffee or organic green tea. 


  • Coffee: the harmonious combination of arabica and robusta varieties.
  • Tea: the green tea is produced from the top three leaves of the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis).
  • Chocolate Bar: cacao bean, coconut sugar, cacao butter, and freeze-dried fruit (*ingredients from certified organic farming).
  • Risotto Mediterranean: Dehydrated: Rice (87%), tomato, sliced zucchini, sliced olives, onion, garlic and oregano. (May contain traces of sesame, mustard, hazelnuts and celery.)
  • Risotto Mushroom: Dehydrated: Rice (89%), Boletus* mushrooms (4.19%) onion, carrot and zucchini. *spp. boletus edulis, boletus reticulatus and boletus aestivalis in varying proportions). May contain traces of sesame, hazelnuts and celery.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry: 50% Organic Chocolate (cocoa paste, cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder); 50% organic strawberry.
  • Chocolate Covered Orange: 67% Organic Chocolate (cocoa paste, cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder); 33% organic orange.
  • Classic Trail Mix: Almonds (25%), cashew nut (25%), hazelnut (25%), walnut (25%).
  • Spicy & Salted Trail Mix: Almonds (25%), salted cashew nut (25%), hazelnut (25%), peanuts with peri peri (25%).

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