Custom Office Box - 12 Months

Freeze Dried Snacks Per Box
$887.99 USD

Our custom freeze-dried fruit snack box is a great addition to your work or office.  Delight your team with a healthy snack option.  After all, everyone likes fruit and snacks. 

Increase staff happiness and productivity while helping reduce food waste.

As an added bonus, each Office Box comes with 14 single-serve packets each of extra virgin Mediterranean olive oil, wine vinegar, and salt.  Our single-serve packets are convenient, mess-free, and easy to use.  They make a great addition to your office snack room.  A $25 value free every month.    

Create your own custom box of freeze-dried fruit snacks.

  • Over 16 different fruits to choose from: strawberry, raspberry, peach, kiwi, blueberry, watermelon, pear, olives, and many more!
  • Change your fruit selection every month
  • Each freeze-dried fruit snack comes in a resealable 100% recyclable pouch
  • Each pouch contains just 100% freeze-dried fruit. We don't add anything else!
  • Our freeze-dried fruit is sourced from small farmers.  Most of our fruit is hand-picked, 100% organic, and grown using sustainable agriculture. Read more about the story behind our fruit.
  • Unlike fresh fruit, our fruit never rots, and keeps all its nutrients and vitamins for months or even years!
  • All the benefits of 100% fruit, but without the inconvenience of fresh fruit

TO ORDER: Choose the number of fruit snacks (16, 28, or 56), and pick your fruit from our large selection of over 15 different fruits! Every month you can change your fruits from a large selection of up to 30 different in-season fruits.  You won't even need to log into your account to do this.

This box is a ONE TIME purchase delivered once a month over 12 months.