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Great taste! Love them for
  • What was your favorite fruit? Peaches are my favorite!
  • What was your least favorite fruit? The Figs
"Great taste! Love them for snacks or for baking."
Kelsie B.
you’ve never had fruit like this before !
"where do i start ?! the quality of this fruit is matched only by their stellar customer service ! i love everything about the rotten fruit box ! the fruit comes in so many varieties that it’ll take you three monthly boxes to be able to try them all, but that’s not at all a big deal because you’re going to want to try them all ! i love what they stand for and how they are helping the environment and farmers ! i’ve literally given myself a tummy ache because i simply can’t stop eating all this lovely fruit ! keep doing what you’re doing ! i’m going to keep on snacking !"
lorell A.
"love all of them"
Sara P.
Not-so-rotten Rotten Fruit surprise!
  • What was your favorite fruit? Strawberries and Blueberries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Bananas, but we still love them, we just love them a little less!
"What a delightful and forrward-thinking company. Our family loves every type of fruit we received, and honestly, especially the sour cherry fragments which were a wee gift because they were out of watermelon. A hand-written note in each box makes the Rotters feel like family! :) "
Sherri G.
Pouches of Magnificence
"The fruit is tasty and has so many uses it is not funny. I have been ordering for a while now and devised several new recipes , or used the fruit to enhance existing recipes. They are perfect for car trips and the pouches fit easily into your bag if you want a snack between classes. "
No thanks
"I was less than pleased with my order. I guess I didn’t anticipate the look of the fruit, nor the flavour. Only the figs were somewhat pleasant. May I also suggest you rename your company to something more appealing."
  • What was your favorite fruit? Mango
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Banana
"Los the idea love the service best I’ve ever had !"
Yummy "rotten fruit"
"I tried five different fruits and they were all very good. Two of my choices were missing the first shipment, so they added a gift and sent them separately later on. Unfortunately the second box wasn't sturdy enough so the kiwi was slightly crushed and the figs became crumbs (,to add to yogurt). The first (main) shipment had no problems at all with any of it being crushed! I will definitely try the fruit again - additional types. "
Laurie R.
Paula N.
Kids love them
"Loved them all, besides the banana. Only complaint is they disappear too fast on our house. Kids can't get enough. Great for traveling in the car, or anytime. "
Paula N.
Love the fruit Snacks
"I first purchased a box for a road trip I was taking with my two young children. They couldn’t get enough of them and now look forward to what snacks will be in the box each month. "
Love it all
  • What was your favorite fruit? Sour cheeries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? cranberries personally but my daughter actually LOVES them. lol
"We have truly enjoyed all of the boxes we have gotten. Everything from the full size fruits to the mashed up bits as a bonus goodie. I love that you send those out as gifts not only because they are still delicious (especially in yogurt or cereal) but also because it means you really are using it all. My kids really like it too because their yogurt or milk changes colors and they think that is the COOLEST. Thank you for all your hard work and we are looking forward to our next box."
Jessica S.
My box reviea
"I didn’t mind the difference in texture from the regular dehydrated fruits but made the mistake of ordering blackberries which isn’t great for dentures. Enjoyable and good for my earthquake preparedness kits."
Teresa T.
Love it I have received
  • What was your favorite fruit? Banana
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Sour cherries
"Love it I have received 1 order of 8 bags & they are all delicious. "
Dayle C.
Tasty fruit with a cause
"I really like my Rotten Fruit Boxes! You would never know that these were "reject" fruits, because they're delicious and appealing to the eye. It's a great chance to help reduce food waste without sacrificing quality."
Kathleen Q.
Rotten Fruit Box - that never rots!
"Delicious freeze dried fruits that you don't have to worry about going bad before you eat them? Sign me up. Well, sign me up again that is. I have ordered multiple times, and will continue to do so."
Love the figs!
"I think you meant mission! Lol Love all the fruits so far. My new favourite is fig! All of my boxes have been slightly opened so I suggest adding more tape to close the box. Love love love the fruits!"
Jennifer B.
Loving Rotten Fruit!
  • What was your favorite fruit? Blackberries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Haven’t had enough samples to know yet - loved what was sent, but hope in future NOT to receive bananas or avocados.
"I loved every bite! What a great way to bring fruit into my life, 365 days a year. It’s packable, portable and wonderful! LOVED the ‘gift’ bag of crumbled blackberries too; a thoughtful addition that was very much appreciated. "
Review on the 4 selections sent to me.
  • What was your favorite fruit? The Raspberries were my favorite.
  • What was your least favorite fruit? I don't reaaly think any of them was my least favorite, I enjoyed them all.
"I do enjoy the fruit, tastes like it was freshly picked, Thank you."
Tammy R.
Love my fruit box!!!
"The fruits are like a delicious bite of air!!!"
Megan U.
  • What was your favorite fruit? Strawberries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Blackberries
"The packaging was very nice and the quality of the fruit was excellent!"
Fruit was awesome
"My kids and I thought it was a great treat. Can't wait to receive our next order."
Nichole C.
Fruits snack
  • What was your favorite fruit? Rasberry
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Blueberry
"They are so good the taste is unbeliveble "
I want to live for this
"But I can’t and I can’t even figure out how to cancel!! I have not once received my ull order of what I want and the problem is I have a pretty rare condition that makes me super allergic to some fruits. So most of The things I have been sent as a “gift” to replace what I ordered has been given away. I’m sad. I want to love you guys cus I love what your doing "
Hi! Thank you for your feedback! I apologize for the issue you experienced. Our rapid growth has made it hard to keep-up with demand for some of the fruits, especially the watermelon. In any case, you most recent order will contain all the fruits :-) Also, we will have a new freeze drying machine going online in less than a month and that should be a game changer for us! We are very excited about it since we believe it will allow for more fruit, more selection and even better quality :-) Thank you - The Rotten Fruit Box
"We loved the fruits especially blueberries and apples."
Marie-Claude L.
Love this product
  • What was your favorite fruit? Organic Sour Cherry
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Blackberry
"We love the variety of fruits that we get in this box and the ability to have fruit each day without the worry of spoilage and waste "
"This company has an awesome business and the fruit is amazing! Love the different options!"
Sherri G.
Gina Jackson
"The freeze dried fruit is fantastic full of flavour I really enjoyed it. Was sad to miss out on the kiwi but will order again"
Great! Already ordered more.
  • What was your favorite fruit? Sour Cherries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Liked them all
"Great! Already ordered more."
Super tasty!
"I loved it. Super delicious"
Ashley O.