What our fans are saying:


New found snack!
  • What was your favorite fruit? Sour cherries / Peachs
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Blackberrys
"We like the box but our son LOVES the box! He is 12 and makes a mix to take to school. It a fan favourite in our house."
Carole G.
  • What was your favorite fruit? Strawberries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? I haven’t eaten them all yet. So far the sour cherries? But they’re still good
"We really enjoyed our introduction to your product. A great way to enjoy it."
Kate M.
We absolutely love the fruit
"You are very responsive to our questions and answer our questions or help change orders very kindly and I can't wait for the vegetables to be on selection soon also my niece and nephews loved the berries as I used the left overs from the office to fill their Christmas stocking "
Wonderful snacks
  • What was your favorite fruit? Strawberries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? None!
"Fantastic! Loved them all. "
Mimi C.
Yummy Fruit, Good Quality
  • What was your favorite fruit? Strawberries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Blueberries
"Great selection of fruits, all taste great. The bananas disappeared super fast. Kiwis are great. The bags didn't seal back that well, but we'll just transfer them to jars next time to make sure they can stay crisp longer. The blueberries fell apart - fine for home snacking and adding to porridge, but for office snacks it was a bit hard to eat."
A really nice surprise!!
"I absolutely love your fruit!!! What a great idea and it is so easy to use/eat in so many recipes!!! Thank you...I will continue to be a long term customer!!"
Tracy A.
Crunchy, sweet/tart delights
"The Rotten Fruit Box products are so awesome. The box arrives and is light as a feather, belying the weight of the joy inside. OK, maybe that's over the top, but this is a product I feel good about supporting. It's yummy and ethical. What more can I say? Oh yes, the service - the personalized service is also spectacular. Yup. "
Sherri G.
Love love love ...great products!
"Love love love ...great products!"
John P.
"A wonderful, healthy snack. My kids think they're candy and ask for them all the time."
Christine F.
Great for my toddler
"It’s great, an easy snack for my 2yr old"
So Yummy!
"Loved them - especially the variety"
Like Astronaut Ice Cream but better
"I have loved everything I tried. The texture reminds me of the Astronaut Ice Cream I used to love when I was younger, with the added benefit it's all fruit instead of being full of added sugars and other chemicals. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone."
Aramanth D.
Fruit box arrival
"It’s truly a game changer for our family. I have a very picky eater and my child loves freeze dried fruit. We live in northern MN and don’t have the best quality or deletion here. We are so very thankful for the rotten fruit box and everything is stands for! "
Kayla S.
Really enjoy the fruit snacks
"Bought this to have some good snack options for my little one but enjoy them myself as well. So far the quality has been really good, sour cherries are my favourite but I would say the strawberries or blueberries are my sons."
Kristy K.
Favourite thing in the mail!
"I can’t wait to receive my fruit every time I order ."
Always looking forward for more
"So far I've only received my first box, but already in love with it. Though the box arrives later than I expect, it is all worth the wait."
Super tasty!
  • What was your favorite fruit? Sour cherries!
  • What was your least favorite fruit? I like the blueberries and kiwi still, but prefer others.
"Was excited to find my second box yesterday. Really love how tangy the sour cherries are. I used blueberries crushed up with oats and almond butter to make some energy bites. I could eat this stuff all day."
Best Fruit They Have!
"These are my favourite fruits out of every single fruit I've tried, and my favourites have always been freeze dried apples and strawberries. I suppose it's the crunchiness and sour/sweet balance, but these are so good! Absolutely a must-try for anyone interested in trying this subscription!"
Wesley Raudales
Such a wonderful subscription box!
"I love getting my monthly box of preserved sweetness! I love using the fruits to bake things like scones & pancakes! I also top my cereal with the berries quite often. I love knowing that I’m helping reduce food waste as well."
Michelle H.
Amazing products!
  • What was your favorite fruit? strawberry
  • What was your least favorite fruit? kiwi
"My kids love them, and they are very picky eaters."
Ina K.
Fantastic product and outstanding customer service
"The fruit is healthy and delicious and the concept (and people) behind the company are right-minded and passionate. "
Janet E.
Always delicious
"Great dried fruit! Doesn’t go bad, tastes delicious, what’s not to love?"
Leone B.
Great fruit snacks!
"Wonderful company, great fruit. Highly recommended. Shipping takes a long time to Australia but worth the wait"
Chanelle H.
great fruit
"I love the fiber n flavor overdose. Got home from holidays, they were waiting for me. Ate them, because they keep their quality for a long time. Made some jam also. Ate with porridge. Made smoothies. They are so versatile. I am waiting for my other batch, delivered to my door. Oh, joy! "
Rachel Q.
Loved it
"It was a great gift for my vegetarian and eco-conscious father. He enjoyed that there were unusual kinds of fruit. We shared a packet of the kiwi on Christmas morning and both loved it."
Whitney N.
Monthly fruit box
"I am really looking forward to my box each month, as are my co-workers, as I get it delivered to the office :-) the quality is always great. This month some of the fruit were not available, but I got a lovely letter and they will be shipped soon. I also got a picture of the farmers which was a lovely touch!! I really love the whole idea and can strongly recommend!!"
Adriana B.
Best fruit ever!
"I love my monthly box. I usually have the fruit with my morning oats and nut milk. It doesn’t just taste great but it’s even better to know that we’re helping to reduce food waste plus helping out farmers too! "
Nicole C.
Custom Freeze Dried Fruit Box
"Everything was perfect as usual! They are healthy snacks and it takes you away from junk food when you are craving a crunchy and tasty snack in the evening! So far, I have tried the bananas, the organic strawberries, the sliced stawberries, the raspberries, the sliced figs, the cranberries, the sliced peaches, the kiwis and the black olives. The raspberries are my ultimate favorites! "
Annie C.
Tasted great
"Kids and I loved the fruit. A great option when yummy items are out of season. Thanks!"
Excitement and Anticipation :)
  • What was your favorite fruit? Peaches,blueberries(would love to try olive and watermelon)
  • What was your least favorite fruit? blackberries.
"I love the excitement of a mystery box!"