What our fans are saying:


Fantastic product!
"My 10 year old daughter had been begging us to buy her some freeze dried strawberries, and simply adored these once they arrived!"
Alison J.
  • What was your favorite fruit? Strawberries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Figs
"This tastes exactly like fresh fruit, only more concentrated. It’s really helping with the winter blues!"
Sarah M.
Tasty treats
  • What was your favorite fruit? Mandarin
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Fig
"Pretty happy with the whole process. Little pricey but great quality and concept."
Gwen C.
Lip Smacking Delicious
  • What was your favorite fruit? Raspberry
  • What was your least favorite fruit? None..love all four so far
"Love my Rotten Fruit Box..I ordered the blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries..my absolute fave are the raspberries as they fill my sour candy craving. I am currently waiting on my new box. Super excited to try the new fruits I ordered in it along with my fave raspberry. "
Samantha P.
Yummy snacks!!!
"Very very tasty. Extremely easy to consume every item in one sitting."
Ruthie E.
Love Rotten Fruit Box!
  • What was your favorite fruit? Sour cherries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Figs
"Delicious, healthy and versatile snack. I love putting the dried fruit in oatmeal, smoothies, cocktails, and desserts...if I can stop myself from eating it all in one sitting! Great customer service. I know they are delayed sometimes due to demand but I think they handle it well by being transparent about what’s going on and sometimes offering free extras. Totally worth the wait every time!"
lovely idea, unusual fruits
"I love the idea, and the freeze-dried fruits come in (to me) unusual choices. They make great snacks."
Yummy snacks
"I enjoyed the fruit especially the dried strawberries and peaches. "
Debbie P.
  • What was your favorite fruit? FIGS
  • What was your least favorite fruit? I have loved them all
"All of the fruits have been really tasty. I want a lifetime subscription. The peaches, blueberries and figs have been my favorite thus far. :) "
Hanna R.
Amazing fruits, save the planet!
  • What was your favorite fruit? Sour cherries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Kiwi
"I love the consept and what it stands for. I also love the friuts. The pictures from the farmers was quite cute. Its nice for people to see who put in hard work"
Kim d.
So great for healthy vegans
  • What was your favorite fruit? Figs
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Tangerine
"Absolutely love them! My favourite are the figs. My guinea pigs and hamster also get a few treats! "
Daisy O.
Love the fruits <3
"Always looking forward to it every month"
Worth the wait
"So delicious! It’s hard not to eat an entire bag in one sitting. "
Helen B.
So great! Love the concept too.
"We are so wasteful as a society. This is a great company taking steps to reduce food waste! And they taste amazing. Right to my door so I don’t need to load my kids up and find freeze dried fruit around the city. Love. Thanks!"
Shantel C.
  • What was your favorite fruit? Peaches and bananas
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Raspberries
"My first one was assorted 12 pack-which I finished all on the same day... My second box was personalized 12 pack consisting of peaches, bananas, and strawberries. My amazing box came enclosed with an awesome handwritten personalized letter and picture from the guys and the farm! This was beyond appreciated and solidified the fact that I will be ordering a box every single month of my life as long as it is available!!! The absoloute best (ultra healthy) food box one could ask for!!!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend it to everybody!!!! "
Marie-josee C.
"The perfect snack or breakfast topper"
Kimberly S.
Glad to have received our first box!
  • What was your favorite fruit? mine - kiwi - kids - strawberry
  • What was your least favorite fruit? all good so far
"I really enjoy the fruits - my children and grandchildren do too. I have two questions though - how do I change the current fruits in my box? Can I switch my plan to the seasonal?"
Judith W.
Great snacks!
  • What was your favorite fruit? Blueberries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Fig
"Great snacks! The fruit are handy snacks and taste wonderful. The variety of flavours ensures that you are always surprised by the next box."
Love them love them love them!
"So far every single one we tried is delicious. My picky kids love them too! Customer service is amazing as well. Thank you we are big fans now!"
Dana Y.
Amazing fruit
"I was very impressed with the dried fruit snacks and service. The berries have an intense explode in your mouth flavour and the figs are especially tasty. "
Danen F.
Great products!
  • What was your favorite fruit? Blueberries - sweet, brightly flavored, tiny and adorable
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Olives - the texture was somehow not what I was expecting
"I really enjoy this service. Every shipment is like Christmas - I don't know what I'll get, and each thing has been great so far. I was surprised by the sour cherries - I expected to not like them, but they're one of my new favorites!"
Libby S.
Love all of the fruit!
"So far I have enjoyed the peaches, figs, cherries and Kiwi. They were all amazing! I love snacking on dehydrated fruit and love that this company works to minimize food waste!"
Samantha T.
Good fruit, lovely service
"I love getting my fruit box every month! Love that it’s helping making less waste, the fruit it fantastic and the customer service you get is fantastic whenever there may be issues."
Wonderful snacks
  • What was your favorite fruit? Peaches, blueberries
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Pears (due to peels and seeds)
"Delicious! My whole family enjoys the fruit, especially my 2 year old grandson. I just wish they came in bigger bags. 🙂"
Jayne G.
Great product and customer service
"I bought a subscription for my son for Christmas and he has loved the fruit we have received so far. The customer service has been amazing too. I highly recommend you help reduce food waste and enjoy yummy snacks."
Rachael W.
Great idea
  • What was your favorite fruit? Figs
  • What was your least favorite fruit? raspberries
"I love fruit but I am the only one at home who does. I love to have a variety but buying a lot means it could go to waste. Freeze dried fruit still tastes great and I can always have some around. To snack on or use for breakfast/desserts."
Noor D.
"Extremely portable healthy snack."
Bernice O.
"I enjoyed it very much and my child that is mostly g tube fed likes to suck in the fruit and so it’s great for teaching her to eat by mouth. Thanks "
Elizabeth J.
"Different from what is available in stores, it’s a nice change to my snacks"
Great idea, good fruit for the most part
  • What was your favorite fruit? Strawberry
  • What was your least favorite fruit? Kiwi (unripe)
"I love the concept and was surprised that it was available overseas. I received a variety of fruits and enjoyed most of them however it was obvious that some were unripe before dehydrating and so tasted really sour. That was my only complaint! Love it!"
Caitlin M.